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Internal Audit Software

IPIX IAM, Best Internal Audit Software that provides rich functionality, transparency and creates risk awareness through robust operative and management reporting.

  • Audit Planning and Scheduling
  • Assessment and Analysis of Risk
  • Managing the Audit Universe
  • Audit Issue Management
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Internal Audit Management

IPIX IAM is an important component of our range of GRC solutions for corporations. It is a comprehensive and customizable audit management software solution from IPIX Technologies that supports every step in the audit cycle and helps companies facilitate smooth and efficient internal audit management, gain audit intelligence, and ensure quality in processes. Organizations can speed up their audit cycles, scale down audit expenses, improve their plans and tactics, and boost the productivity of their auditors with IPIX IAM. Improve decision making with the IPIX internal audit management software that provides rich functionality, transparency and creates risk awareness through robust operative and management reporting.With the integrated IPIX internal audit software suite, your organization will be able to fulfill GRC requirements and manage sequential audit processes with greater efficiency. It allows for a very organized, workflow driven and risk based auditing procedure. With the IPIX audit management software, organizations can save time and effort on paperwork, and receive more reliable and real time intelligence and enjoy better reporting capabilities. As the app is web based and has a responsive and intuitive interface, auditors can conveniently input data even on the go, via mobile devices.

Real-time insights Towards Risk-aware Decisions IPIX Enterprise Risk Management software is supported by uniform risk assessment methodologies and standards. It provides businesses with an organised approach towards managing entrepreneurial risks through authoritative analysis of risks and improved risk visibility.

Alleviate Risk & Losses with Risk-intelligent, Real-time Business Decisions Operational Risk Management software integrates a prevalent strategy and comprehensive set of capabilities towards risk management discipline. It focuses on operations, excluding strategic and financial risk areas. Enterprises can streamline ORM to strengthen collaboration across and improve business performance.

Crisis Management with Real-time Situational Awareness Business Continuity Management by the IPIX GRC provides a flexible and integrated platform to orchestrate business continuity, planning, disaster tracking, recovery action initiation and risk management. It empowers organizations to execute business continuity and disaster recovery(DR) programs through a centralized approach towards recovery planning and crisis management.

Intuitive Front-line Risk Observation Observation Management allows businesses to track and report anomalies and sort out issues from the front line. It helps enterprises triage anomalies based on business criticality with engaging platforms, widgets for third-party applications, browser plugins, conversational interfaces, chatbots, and intuitive web forms.

Simplified IT Risk Identification & Analysis IT and Cyber Risk Management empowers enterprises to embrace a focused approach to managing and mitigating IT and cyber risks. Users can conduct risk assessments, implement controls and analytics. This, in turn, helps transform raw risk data into actionable IT risk intelligence, with top cyber risks visibility affecting the enterprise.

IT Compliance Management in a Single Platform IT and Cyber Compliance Management scales across businesses to streamline and automate workflows while consolidating compliance and control data in a central repository. It is a common framework to manage and monitor compliance for a range of IT regulations and standards.

Internal System Evaluation & Real-time Visibility Operational Audit Management allows enterprises to assess the quality and efficiency of internal systems, processes, and procedures. The product supports different types of operational audits, and an audit lifecycle is streamlined while integrating audit data on a standard platform.

Mitigating Repeat Non-Conformance Non-Conformance and CAPA Management is a common platform for businesses to capture, manage and track non-conformances. It streamlines and standardizes the lifecycle of non-conformance identification, evaluation, and segregation, with in-depth visibility into related metrics and trends.

Reduced Time Cycle towards Agile & Efficient Policy Management Policy and Document Management provides a centralized policy portal to store and access the latest policies, thereby strengthening compliance and highlighting potential risks. It streamlines the creation and communication of organizational policies, delivering a contextual view by mapping policies to regulations, risks, and controls.

Real-time Insights Into Compliance Management Requirements Compliance Management simplifies and reinforces compliance with regulations in businesses along with improved visibility that controls effectiveness, ensuring issue remedial. Possessing a common framework the product helps to manage various compliance requirements in an integrated model.

Initiate & Track Regulatory Change Management IPIX Regulatory Change Management provides enterprises with a centralized framework of regulatory taxonomies and metadata. The platform simplifies the whole capturing process and regulatory change management. It helps aggregate regulatory content from multiple sources, including subscription and publicly available data sources.

Minimize Inconsistencies with Powerful Reports & Real-time Insights Regulatory Engagement Management assists with the automation process of various regulatory activities including examinations, meetings, and requests for information. Each regulatory engagement data is captured in a centralized repository ensuring a well-defined workflow.

Identify & Reduce Compliance & Regulatory Risk Case and Incident Management allows multiple-source or anonymous reporting like emails, hotlines, and intranet portals. It enables users to establish and grasp consistent procedures for its planning and administration, recording, triaging, routing, investigating, tracking, and closure. Cases/incidents help identify risks and can be aligned to business processes, controls, risks, policies, and regulations.

Secure & Efficient Compliance Advisory Request Management Compliance Advisory is a product that provides a framework for advisory services for businesses to reach out to second-line risk and compliance teams. It simplifies the process of requesting and implementing compliance-related advisory requests within your organization. The team can create and maintain a secure repository of advice documentation with the businesses.

Integrated, Real-time View of Extended Enterprise Third-Party Risk Management strengthens business resilience, contains costs and optimize business performances. It helps in making informed sourcing decisions saving users from existing and potential third-party threats. The product automates the end-to-end process for information gathering, onboarding, real-time monitoring, risk, compliance and control assessments, and risk mitigation.

Key Insights From GRC Surveys Governance, Risk and Compliance Survey Management ensures systematic automated process management. The process includes risk assessments, HR and IT policy awareness, legal attestations, etc. It streamlines the information and record flow, documentation attestation and representations at each phase, fostering accountability.


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Define and maintain the universe audit book, including auditable entities (such as business units, regions, and departments) and common libraries of risks and controls as well as manage their relationships. Update the audit universe and libraries on a periodic basis based on changes in the organization’s business, operations, programs, or systems.

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Create audit plans with a defined objective and scope. Organize audits in a logical structure and hierarchy with detailed checklists, evaluation pass or fail criteria, and tasks for execution. Schedule audits and assign tasks to the audit team members.

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Record findings, detailed observations, and recommendations, in pre-defined formats or work-papers. Attach supporting evidence, configure checklists, and cross-reference work papers and other documents.

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Generate draft and final audit reports with review and approval workflows in a configurable format. Pull together findings and actions from various tasks to generate the draft report. Get real-time access to audit data and history and analysis of audit results with audit status tracking reports and dashboards.


Audit Universe Management

Define and maintain the universe audit book, including auditable entities (such as business units, regions, and departments) and common libraries of risks and controls as well as manage their relationships. Update the audit universe and libraries on a periodic basis based on changes in the organization’s business, operations, programs, or systems.

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Secure Digital Enterprise with Augmented Cyber Governance Cyber Security Solution helps businesses stay on the front line with proactive anticipation and reduced IT and cyber risks, threats, vulnerabilities and multiple IT compliance requirements. It streamlines cybersecurity efforts to achieve cyber resilience and enable execution and managing business continuity and disaster recovery programs.

Integrated Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management Solution allows businesses to standardize risk and control taxonomies including current and emerging risks. The product enhances resilience, agility and risk-aware decision-making, understanding risk inter-linkages and their impact on business performance, producing wider visibility.

Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance Solution automates workflow, collaboration and allows real-time reporting. It enables enterprises with an integrated, and collaborative approach to compliance and the ability to break down restrictive silos. It acts as a centre to manage various ethics and compliance programs which includes policy management, a centralized library of compliance assessments, compliance obligations, surveys, third-party compliance, and case/incident management.

Supplier Risk and Performance

Supplier Risk and Performance Solution empowers organizations with efficient management, monitoring and tracking of various stages of supplier relationships. It facilitates absolute assessments and audits of suppliers maintaining potential suppliers for each category of product or service. The product aggregates and maps supplier data across the global supplier network for comprehensive transparency.

Regulatory Compliance Solution

Regulatory Compliance Solution empowers businesses to improve operational efficiencies to deliver stakeholder expectations. Policies, standards, regulations, and controls are regulated, reducing inefficiencies and redundancies. It guides organizations to stay updated on the complex web of regulatory obligations governing the business while also implementing measures, processes, and policies to sustain compliance.

Digital Risk Solution

Digital Risk Solution allows organizations to maintain agile and compete constantly in the digital environment. The solution strengthens risk-aware decision-making, with simplified management of organizational risks. It also ensures that businesses gain better visibility into digital risks associated with technology, business operations, regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, and third-party relationships.

Key Benefits

  • Facilitate an efficient, reliable, and risk-based audit process
  • Reinforceteamwork on audit activities throughout the organization
  • Generate and manage online or offline audit work papers with strong workflow competencies
  • Improved budgeting, cost allocation, and tracking of progress and status
  • Fast-track the audit cycle and ensureeffectiveuse of audit resources
  • Gain real time visibility into audit processes and data across the organization
  • Oversee audit plans at a management level
  • Trackproblems and suggestions to closure
  • Ensure robust alignment with ERM, IT risk management and other GRC functions

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IPIX Internal Audit Management is an adaptable solution for clients wishing to establish a culture of Governance, Risk and Compliance management across the organization. Request a live demo to know how the IPIX Internal Audit Management software can help you

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